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How to enroll

The application will be evaluated according to the order in which they are received and places allocated until they run out. Send your application as soon as possible!


The following documents must be included with your application:

  • Application form (enclosure A);
  • A clear statement of your qualifications and experience (enclosure B);
  • Any documents proving the relevant experience in the professional field (portfolio, photos, videos, processed …);
  • A copy of some valid ID. For non-EU candidates, a copy of your valid permit to stay or the permit to stay application receipt.

All documentation must be sent by e-mail to


Applications will not be accepted in any other way.



Applications will be evaluated on a monthly basis, depending on when they are received. The selection is managed by a three-person commission: an ASC representative chosen by Gabriella Pescucci, Carlo Poggioli or Alessandro Lai; a FST/Manifatture Digitali Cinema representative; and a PIN Polo Universitario di Prato representative. The administrative manager is Stefania Ippoliti, Cinema Sector Manager for Fondazione Sistema Toscana.


A candidate’s suitability is assessed according to a maximum of 100 points:

  • training: 40 points max.;
  • experience: 60 points max.;

Candidates with a minimum of 60/100 points will be accepted onto the master.

The outcome of the selection will be communicated to the applicants by email.

If accepted, the candidate must complete the application by paying the tuition fee, in full or in part, within 10 days of receiving the notification; failure to pay will lead to the place being forfeited. On receiving payment, the application will be deemed final.


If the master does not start due to a failure of reaching the minimum number of students, the fee will be reimbursed.

Syllabus (in Italian) HERE